Gerardo Carsolio

Gerardo Carsolio grew up in Mexico City, immersed in a culture rich in art, history, and creativity. Gerardo has always been attracted to nature. As a child he loved to study flowers, leaves, seeds, landscapes, and anything else that caught his eye during frequent hikes in the diverse Mexican countryside, always imagining what he could create with the objects he found.

At a very young age Gerardo developed a passion for woodworking. A self taught furniture maker, carver, and painter he learned through self exploration how to do this difficult work with his hands. Gerardo worked on his creative process while earning a degree in textile engineering. After moving to Canada, Gerardo continued to develop as an artist combining his skills and experiences while experimenting with different media, his work evolving into a unique combination of painting and carving.

Landscapes, gardens, and the natural beauty of the places where Gerardo has lived all impact his creative process and drive him to create his art.

By using wood as his canvas Gerardo´s art focuses on exploiting the natural beauty of this material and bringing the hues, grains, and textures into balance in the whole composition in a way that is unexpected. Light is the final component when appreciating a piece of Gerardo´s art, completing the image by showing the detail of the carving portion of the painting, and letting the spectator experience and immerse himself into the realm of the work.


Canadian Orange Trees
Canadian Orange Trees
Acrylic, sgraffito and carving on maple wood
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