Janie Lockwood

“My focus has been to emphasize the beauty of nature. I do this by abstracting my composition somewhat, zooming in on the subject or painting it slightly out of context. In doing this I hope to entice the viewer to feel involved with the piece.”

Janie works primarily in mixed media with fluid acrylics. The fluid acrylics are often used in a watercolour manner on a textured surface. She uses gel medium, collage, pastel and transfers in her mixed media approach to achieve a feeling of depth and an intriguing surface quality. Her recent work uses this surface quality to enhance her subject matter.

She shows with the Federation of Canadian Artists, Bow West Artists, Caylx as well as the SAS shows.

Website: www.janielockwood.com

Contact: janielockwood727@gmail.com

Layers & Lines I
Layers & Lines I
30" x 60"
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