Jeweliyana Reece

From an early age Jeweliyana (back then she was Patti) was constantly creating something. Everything from homemade Christmas presents, lotion potions and recipe-less cooking adventures her siblings had to endure. The word ‘can’t’ wasn’t on her radar. If she was inspired to make something and didn’t know how, she’d hit the library, start tying yarn scraps to a branch and the next thing you know there’d be a four foot long weaving hanging on the wall. Her ‘mad scientist at heart’ personality found the perfect home in the world of fused glass. There are often many tests and firings before a piece takes its final form. Like most fused glass artists, Jeweliyana is self taught. Her process, often very labour intensive and detailed, is all about color, texture and balance.

She grew up in Calgary in the heart of the Oil Patch. Layers, strata-graphic cross sections, fossilized detailing, mountains, prairies, trees, flowers - these influences dance their way throughout her work. She believes that life is supposed to be fun. Her hope is that in creating art that tempts one to touch it - you know you wanna!; that it will add a little of that mischievous engaging energy to the viewers experience.

Her work received the Peoples Choice Award from Parks Canada in 2011 and has been featured in Ottawa’s Annual Snow Flake Charity Ball and UNICEF’s Fund Raiser for water. Images of her work have been published in ‘Best of World Wide Glass’ and Spectrum Glass Company’s national publication as well as Art Takes Times Square, NYC, USA.

Jeweliyana opened Infused Glass Works in 2010 to dedicate her time fully to the exploration and creation of kiln formed glass. Currently she creates and teaches from her home studio in Calgary.

Fossil Fuel Lamp - Tropical Icecream
Fossil Fuel Lamp
Tropical Icecream
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