Myrna Haglund
Painting is my voice; it is the ultimate expression of my attachment to the subjects in my paintings, all of which have personal meaning to me. The figures are friends or family or people I have met, the trees are in my yard, the landscapes are places I visit often, whether it is our cabin in the woods or the prairies I love to travel. The bison and other native animals of which I have painted many can be found on the roadways, the Alberta parklands. and ranches. As they are connected to the earth and to each other, so I am connected to them. To all of these I enjoy adding shape to give them life and then to use colour to high light the subject or place. Each painting takes on a life of its own during the painting process.

I enjoy painting abstracts as well as realistic works and these I handle in much the same way, finding something personal in the shapes and then connecting these shapes with line, colour or light. It is my attempt at creating a symphony without words.

If the viewer experiences even a whisper of connection to my paintings I am grateful.


West of Calgary
West of Calgary
16" x 20"
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